No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games doesn’t sleep

No Man's SkyHello Games have become one of those developers that you will instantly know right away because of their upcoming title No Man’s Sky. While they previously made Joe Danger and had involvement with the Burnout series, No Man’s Sky is definitely looking to be their crown jewel. The game is only days away, and the team are still plugging away at updates and balancing for the game’s first update.

August 9th is the big day, and despite the fact that someone has already started playing the game and posting about it (probably a good thing in the long run), Hello Games are still perfecting the game for its first update post launch.

Sean Murray shared an image on Twitter of the team working away at 5am, adding the final touches to the game’s first update which will feature new content, features and balancing a few of the game’s weapons/pay outs most likely. With the recent stories about someone paying a huge sum of money to play the game early, it seems that a few holes were found, such as being able to abuse the currency and buy big upgrades early in the game. This process should ideally take a little longer.

No Man’s Sky will hit PlayStation 4 on August 9th in North America, the 10th in Europe and on the 12th for PC players.


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