No Man’s Sky deserves a second chance

no man's sky playstationNo Man’s Sky. A game that resonates amongst the gaming industry as one of the most hyped games in recent years. A game that promised unparalleled exploration, adventure and potentially endless content. On release, the game sold very well but not long after, fans realised the game that had been teased by Hello Games for years wasn’t quite the product we’ve been shown. The hatred followed, refunds were demanded, Sean Murray and Hello Games went silent and fans were left without answers. However, I believe No Man’s Sky deserves a second chance and in this article, I shall explain why.

Let’s be honest right from the start, No Man’s Sky isn’t a bad game. Sure, it’s not brilliant but in time, I honestly believe it will be. No Man’s Sky has gone down as one of the biggest cons and lies in the history of gaming and that’s largely due to its unbelievable hype surrounding the game. Sean Murray and Hello Games also fueled the fire by showing something that looked like nothing we had really seen before and using new technology to create over 17 quintillion planets, each different, will obviously get the hype train going. Unfortunately, the end product was quite different from what was shown over the years of its development.

Content was cut, worlds were all similar, barren and lifeless. The odd creature that was discovered looked absolutely bizarre and ultimately, No Man’s Sky was a grind. I can understand fans’ anger and disappointment, especially when Sean Murray and Hello Games went silent for weeks on end but I honestly believe the game would have been so much more if 1. They had a bigger team because let’s face it, Hello Games are a SMALL indie studio. 2. If Sony wasn’t pushing them to finally get it released after several delays which would lead to content being cut from the final game. It also didn’t help matters when Sean Murray drip fed new content for the fans which again would have led to more hype, hype that has damn near killed the game.

In the past week however, a new update has been released dubbed “The Foundation Update” that has added a wealth of content to the game, content I believe was cut due to Sony’s deadline. Base building has finally arrived, new terrains for planets, farming crops, ability to purchase a space freighter and so on. It’s rejuvenated the game, it’s made it fun and exciting and it’s made the grind actually worthwhile. Sure, we’re still a long way off what was shown but it’s a step in the right direction. It is delivering the content that was shown despite the pure hatred that Hello Games and Sean Murray has received, Murray even received death threats which is absolutely disgusting behaviour.

no man's sky the foundation

I believe No Man’s Sky deserves a second chance because it has a chance to be something truly special. Just take a look at DriveClub, a game that was a complete write-off at launch but it has ended up as one of the finest racers available because Evolution worked tirelessly to put the wrong things right and I believe No Man’s Sky has the same chance and potential. Sure, the circumstances are different, Murray lied, deceived gamers and I’m not excusing that in any shape or form. What happened was inexcusable but Hello Games have made a start, they’ve started to build a bridge and expand the No Man’s Sky galaxy.

I’m going to end by saying No Man’s Sky could have been left to rot, a total failure and eventually forgotten about which would have been the easy way out, especially with the venomous community surrounding the game and studio but despite them, despite the hate and even death threats made against Sean Murray, Hello Games have started to put the wrong things right and to me, that’s a courageous move and that alone shows that they’re committed to delivering the product that was shown.

Do you think No Man’s Sky deserves a second chance, or are you like Rob, who thinks it should just cease to continue?

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