Has No Man’s Sky been delayed?

no man's skyThat’s the question circulating the gaming media this morning after reports came in from Kotaku, that retailer Gamestop have been instructed to amend the release date on their promotional posters for No Man’s Sky so that it reads “coming soon”. The open world adventure title was originally due to launch in just weeks time although now it seem we could have to wait just a little while longer.

The Xbox One and PS4 generation has been the subject of many delayed games since the consoles were launched, in fact as gamers we now pretty much expect them as part of the development process of new IP’s and new additions to much-loved series alike. Thankfully, we’re a forgiving bunch and would much rather see a game delayed slightly than launch in a broken state. But has our attitude made it easy for developers and publishers to stick unrealistic launch targets on their products? We’ll come back to that in a moment.

No Man’s Sky was originally shown before the PS4 launched to market and has been in development ever since. As time has gone on we’ve seen the game progress into a beautiful open world only limited by how much free time you’ll have to play it. No Man’s Sky has quickly become one of the most anticipated games of the current-generation of consoles, so let’s hope the additional wait will be worth it. no man's sky

However, it’s worth mentioning that nothing has been confirmed by developer Hello Games or Sony at the time of writing, what we can tell you is that the information has come from more than one source. In addition to Kotaku, another reliable source has stated that we can expect the game to launch in July or even August.no man's sky

Typically these delays are a very last resort and we can’t imagine the decision was made overnight, after all we don’t want another Battlefield 4 or Halo: The Master Chief Collection situation do we? But in my opinion that still doesn’t make it right, delays have become something that just happen now and I can’t help but feel that publishers AND developers are setting release dates early, holding on to the sentiment that if the game isn’t ready in time they can just delay the launch, and fans will accept it. In that respect I would be much happier if those in charge would just be more realistic with their deadlines. It all just feels like a bit of a marketing ploy to get us hyping up games to me.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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