Could No Man’s Sky come to Xbox in the future?

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky released this week on both PlayStation 4 and PC, and has been received with a rather divided criticism. Some love it, some don’t like it, but the fact that it’s not available for Xbox One fans is another disappointing twist. But will that change in the future?

According to the Daily Star in the UK, Sean Murray spent a moment or two trying to word his response, which implies more than just a straight up ‘No’. If it wasn’t going to land on Xbox One, why would there be such a hesitation in answering?

“So when we spoke to Hello Games Sean Murray, the man responsible for creating No Man’s Sky, we asked him and received a rather coy response for what we assumed was a very straightforward question.

In response Murray told us he wasn’t sure what he was “actually allowed to say” at the time, noting that he needed to be “very specific with my words”.

Before going any further though, Sony’s rep stepped in to move the interview along, explaining that at this time there was nothing more to add.

Sean’s reluctance to conclusively rule out an Xbox One release perhaps offers a glimmer of hope that it might arrive on Microsoft consoles at some point further down the line.”

There’s hope yet for Xbox One owners who may be envious of PlayStation 4 and PC players, who may not have access to these platforms. Third-party exclusivity usually lasts between a month to a year, but a year seems like a long time and if that is to be the case, interest levels in the space exploration title may die down, damaging the potential of No Man’s Sky.

[Source: Daily Star]

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