No Man’s Sky 2 revealed

no man's sky aprilWhile fans are still mourning the disappointing release that was No Man’s Sky, Hello Games have revealed a follow up that should address all previous concerns, and more importantly, include online multiplayer.

Slapping a 2 on the end of a title that will live in our memories for some time for the wrong reasons just won’t be enough, and Hello Games know this. One feature that was supposed to be an aspect of the original title was the ability to bump into other explorers. It was teased about, lied about, and didn’t actually happen at all. We only knew about the omitted feature after we parted with our cash.

That will be the first thing to be addressed in the sequel. Another reason for the sequel is that Sony won’t own the publishing rights this time around, and like with Titanfall 2, it will release on all platforms, including Xbox One. Nintendo Switch is unconfirmed at this point in time.

no man's sky fail

Hello Games promise twice the number of available assets, so the alien creatures you bump into on planetary expeditions will be more varied, and twice as random.

No Man’s Sky 2 is penned for an April 1st release, 2018. Only a fool would believe it would hit that date though 😉

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