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no man's sky playstationNo Man’s Sky, 2016’s most controversial release, probably, has become the latest target of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA for short), according to Eurogamer. The ASA received more than enough complaints forcing it to act, and an investigation is currently under way.

Following the release of No Man’s Sky, as if the world and its mother doesn’t already know, it left a lot of eager fans feeling a bit bitter, and a bit let down by what they got to play compared to what was advertised. Looking at the Steam store, the images contain scenes and graphical quality that are not in fact in the game, so a lot of players could still be tricked into getting something of lesser quality.

According to Eurogamer, it was “AzzerUK”, a Reddit user who issued a formal complaint to the ASA, telling Eurogamer that he doesn’t feel enraged at No Man’s Sky, Hello Games or Steam, but felt the need to contact the watchdog “after seeing just how vastly different the trailers for No Man’s Sky were from the actual released game”.

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He continues: “The marketing of the game was very different to the end game. The end game is a shallow screenshot generator, and in some ways it reminded me of Spore.

“I figured that if we want Steam store pages for games to start falling in-line and stop misleading consumers, then it would take consumers to point these problems out to the ASA, rather than all sit around on Reddit complaining to each other but assuming that it’ll all get sorted by itself eventually.”

Of course, other Reddit users slandered him for bringing it up with the Advertising Standards Authority, but like he said, there’s no point sitting around complaining about it if you’re not going to do anything about it. He’s not wrong, and I feel he made the right decision.

No Man’s Sky has seen a massive drop in player count on Steam, according to Steam stats, and I would be confident in saying that it’s a similar situation on the PlayStation 4, even if we never see official figures. While the game certainly sold a bucket load of copies, it’s the long term effect the game and the developer Hello Games will have on the players. Their next project better be more transparent with the fans.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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