No Daily Challenges makes The Division a bore

the division year oneTom Clancy’s The Division launched with impressive success a month ago, and in that time, has managed to smash a few records and win over the fans of MMO-lite wanting gamers. Even some of Destiny’s players jumped ship to try something new, and Ubisoft’s release had loads of content to keep players busy, until this weekend.

Every night at approximately 1am GMT, the Daily Challenges reset. Once you reach rank 30 in the base game (not the Dark Zone), you can do the Daily Challenges with up to three other people. There are two challenges available; one on Hard and one on Challenging. Completing these missions grants you Phoenix Credits and a piece of gear or a mod. Unfortunately, they have stopped refreshing.

The last set of Daily Challenges to come out came on Friday, and on Saturday, Ubisoft acknowledged that the reset didn’t take place, and said that they were working on fixing the problem. Into the Dark Zone we went, just for the sake of playing together with friends.

It’s now Sunday morning as I write this (9:30am), and Ubisoft still haven’t fixed the issue, and there are no Daily Challenges to take part in. Fans are rather furious, understandably, and with a new content drop coming this Tuesday, April 12th, it’s worrying. The base game is faulty at the moment and Ubisoft are about to dump more content on top of a shaky foundation.

The lack of Daily missions has pointed out how barebones The Division is in terms of its end game. All you have to do otherwise is venture into the Dark Zone to extract more loot, or collect the collectibles littered around the streets, subways and rooftops of New York. We need a bit more to do, but hopefully the Incursions update patches this issue.

The game is still fresh on everyone’s minds, but unless there’s a significant amount of content and reason for people to continue logging in, The Division might just become a bore in its infancy.

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