No Campaign DLC for Halo 5 planned

Halo 5: GuardiansDespite receiving some harsh, perhaps deserved, or undeserved criticism, Halo 5 Guardians’ campaign will not be receiving any campaign DLC in the future, according to Josh Holmes, the franchise’s creative director.

In an interview with Red Bull, he said that “While we’re always looking for new ways to expand the Halo universe, we do not currently have any plans to release future campaign content for Halo 5: Guardians.” The campaign was seen as relatively short, and left the players hanging at the end, wanting more. Until the next Halo, maybe in 3 year’s time, fans will have to wait to continue the story.

It’s not all bad news however, as the campaign can be enjoyed repeatedly with friends, with the whole thing being created for a full four player co-op experience. “For the first time in franchise history, the Halo campaign experience is being built around teamwork,” Holmes continues. “You can play online with up to three friends through seamless drop-in, drop-out online co-op on dedicated servers, and experience the unique character narratives of your Spartan team.”

Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayerWhat fans will appreciate most however, is the online competitive side of Halo 5. In true traditional form, Halo 5 returns players to the glory days, taking out loadouts and implementing a cool feature such as the REQ system, which allows you to spend points on unlocking items for use in your next battle, whether that’s a gun or a drop-in vehicle.

Then there’s the Warzone mode, which fans have been enjoying immensely, as an alternative to the classic Arena combat.

“It features the biggest maps in franchise history, and the highest player count ever in Halo – 24 players – as well as objectives such as base assaults, boss encounters and more,” explains Holmes. “All Warzone AI is computed in the cloud, filling the map with dozens of AI characters in the form of friendly and enemy soldiers protecting their bases, Covenant and Forerunner enemy troops deploying across the map and incredible boss battles that alone can change the entire tide of battle.”

[Source: Red Bull]

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