Nintendo Switch game file sizes detailed

Nintendo SwitchThe Nintendo Switch is only two weeks away and there is a lot of information still unknown to fans who have eagerly pre-ordered the games console, and some of it is rather important too. One of the key issues was the size of the game files, considering the Switch comes bundled with 32gb of games. Those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are more accustomed to this and larger file sizes, but what does it mean for the Switch player base?

According to the Japanese Nintendo website, file sizes will range from as little as 1GB to a hard-drive filling 32GB. Basically, if you want to enjoy Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2, you will need a spare SD card from the get go. Zelda, most likely the first game to be played on anyone’s Nintendo Switch will require 13.4GB for installation, then you probably need to worry about its planned DLC add-ons and save files, the latter of which should be minimal.

The list looks like this so far:

nintendo switch

Playing Zelda and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will require two thirds of your available hard drive space, so things will start filling up real soon without a dedicated SD card. Thankfully they’re cheap, costing as little as a tenner in most places. However, they’re small, and you wouldn’t want to lose your games and save files! Maybe buy a dedicated storage unit for them too. A matchbox won’t be as reliable!

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd worldwide.

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