Nintendo PlayStation – Something your parents would say?

nintendo playstation superdiscIn early July, a US gamer by the name of Daniel Diebold posted a video on Youtube, claiming to be in possession of a hybrid prototype games console developed between Nintendo and Sony, the Nintendo PlayStation. He claims he acquired it from a box of old junk in his dad’s house in Philadelphia, and is perhaps a one of a kind device.

It is common knowledge that Nintendo and Sony had a partnership in the past, with Sony initially meant to be the suppliers of the sound chip for the Super Nintendo, before there were disagreements, and the partnership fell through. Sony then proceeded to delve into games consoles themselves, and the rest is history really.

The video shows Dan fiddling around with the Nintendo PlayStation, stating that there are no wires to plug it in, but has a controller, which resembles the Super Nintendo controller, with added Sony PlayStation text. The device has cd and cartridge slots, and an extension port at the bottom, which made sense as manufacturers would release add-ons, like SEGA with the Mega CD or the 32X cartridge slot, which was a massive letdown.

It’s an interesting watch, and the Nintendo PlayStation is shrouded in mystery. Of course, many look at it as a hoax, as with anything that’s misunderstood or seen on Youtube and the internet, but we would love to know the truth behind it, and whether it is just a prototype hybrid, or indeed, a hoax.

nintendo playstation superdisc[Source: Youtube]


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