Nintendo PlayStation gets switched on

nintendo playstationBack in July, a man published a Youtube video claiming to have acquired a ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ from a junkyard sale. Of course, many would disbelieve it, thinking it’s some absurd prank on the internet, but no, it was indeed a legitimate product. Last week, the console was turned on for the first time.

In the original Youtube video, Dan Diebold showed off all of its parts, ports and controller. He didn’t know what power source to use, so didn’t risk toying with it until only last week. The original video can be found at the bottom of this article. Upon turning it on, it appeared that SNES games worked as normal, as well as the controllers, including the SNES one, but the cd drive was non-operational.

Back in 1988, Sony and Nintendo were in talks about releasing a collaborative console, but it never really took off. You can read more about the Nintendo PlayStation, as well as an interview with father and son Terry and Dan Diebold on Engadget. In the father’s job, one of the boardmembers was the CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. When the company went bankrupt, all the stuff in the office was sold in an auction, and he ended up with a box that included this machine.

[Source: Youtube, Engadget]

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