Nintendo NX hardware details leak

NintendoNXNintendo NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers, a number of sources have confirmed.

We should be accustomed to Nintendo doing the unexpected but if details about the Nintendo NX are true then perhaps we shall have to be prepared to be surprised once more.  According to a Eurogamer report Nintendo’s next console will be both a portable, handheld console that also sits at home connected to your TV like a traditional console with detachable controllers.

The report also confirms a return to cartridges which considering the portability of the console isn’t too much of a surprise and perhaps a logical move. The size of the cartridges both physically and capacity wise is still unclear with rumours suggesting Nintendo recommends a 32GB cartridge, which is small when considering the size of many modern games.


Perhaps the biggest surprise that’s leaked is that the NX will be powered by NVidia’s Tegra chips, a powerful mobile processor. It’s unclear at this time which version of the technology is going to be used in the final retail product but currently dev kits  are using Tegra X1 chips that can also be found inside the Shield Android TV console. There is speculation that the X1 chip in the dev kits could be a place holder and that the NX will ship with the Tegra X2, NVidia’s new mobile processor.

There’s no point speculating at this time what sort of graphical performance each option could deliver because there are far too many unknowns to make an educated guess but the WiiU was able to deliver stunning looking games and I expect we’ll be equally impressed with the NX.

As you might expect Nintendo won’t be drawn into speculation telling Eurogamer “Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017. As such [we’re] unable to comment on the various rumours and speculations circulating.”  The rumour is that the NX could be getting its reveal in September so if true, we won’t have long to wait. I for one am very excited to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve.






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