Nintendo NX controller leak hoax, and how it was made

nintendo nx leakYou know that gut feeling you develop when you see something you’re unsure about, and you just deny it as being real ‘just because’? Well, I was right, and it explains why we didn’t cover the leaked Nintendo NX controller during the week. It was all a hoax, and here’s how it was made.

Many gamers complained about the shape of the device, and you can imagine it being a bit awkward to use. Thankfully it wasn’t a real leak, but a rather amusing ruse.¬†Frank Sandqvist who created the recent hoax leak, said he based his Nintendo NX controller off the first set of images that were leaked back in December. While it’s all built around the Nintendo patented design, we still don’t know if this is final, or if Nintendo have something else in the works. Time will tell, but for the time being, watch how Frank Sandqvist created his mock up/

It was recently reported that Nintendo are not going to stop supporting the Wii U, and machines will still be in production. However, rumours point to a end of 2016 release for the Nintendo NX, if that is its final name, but again, all we can do is wait and see what Nintendo do next.

[Source: Youtube]

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