Nintendo NX announcement

nintendo switch nintendo nxToday, Nintendo have finally revealed the Nintendo NX, or rather the Nintendo ###### . We have seen many leaked reports and rumours over the past number of months, but now we can start to pick away at some of the facts.

This article will continue to update as news of the Nintendo NX rolls out.

Nintendo have revealed their new console. The Nintendo Switch!

Game on the go, game at home, and continue to enjoy your games wherever you go! The setup itself first looked like an old radio to me at first, but after you’re sent upstairs so the missus can watch her soaps, you can detach the Nintendo Switch and continue to play upstairs or in the kitchen. The stand at the back makes it possible to enjoy your gaming without having to hold the screen as well, which is truly awesome!

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Last night, Nintendo tweeted out the announcement, saying the preview trailer will come at 7am PT / 10am ET, which is about 3pm BST here in Europe. Will we be seeing a live streamed event with further details this week, or just the trailer as well as the title? The preview trailer itself should last 3 minutes, according to Nintendo Japan.

Nintendo’s new console has been the worst kept secret since the PS4 PRO details leaked. We heard rumours about how the console would feature some sort of mobile capability which would attach to a base unit to give it more power and the ability to play through your TV. We heard how it would feature detachable control pads and how it would be built around either nVidia’s Tegra 1 or newer Tegra 2 Chipset.  So how accurate were these rumours? Well let’s see what Nintendo will reveal.

Nintendo Japan’s Yoube channel may well have jumped the gun a little as new videos of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ were unearthed earlier today. The unlisted videos show off the absolutely beautiful game world we will be able to explore next spring and they are truly breathtaking.  If this is what Nintendo’s machine is capable of then please just take my money now.

We will update this post with the preview trailer when it arrives, but in the meantime, be sure to check back before 3pm today just so you don’t miss it!

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