Nintendo movies to come in the future?

Nintendo NXIt’s an exciting time for Nintendo, with the next big Legend of Zelda game well into development and its eyes set on early 2017, not to mention the Nintendo NX console, whatever it will be called at launch. Then there’s talk about Nintendo movies… WHAT?!

The last time we saw a live action Nintendo movie was the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie. So bad, it was good, but still bad. Would the big N let that happen again? Unlikely, but who’s to say they wouldn’t try again and take more control over the production? I’m sure a live action Super Metroid adaptation would be interesting, but it wouldn’t really be ideal for kids, would it?

Super Mario Bros movie nintendo

With the release of Star Fox Zero back in April, a special once off short film was made called ‘The Battle Begins‘, and that went down rather well with fans. It teased fans enough that they now want a proper animated TV series in the same way. What if Nintendo focused on full length animated movies?

If Nintendo do indeed go down the animated route, it won’t be the first time, with a history of anime features based on Super Mario Bros which was produced by Toei in the early 1980s, as well as a US series based on the first four Mario titles and Zelda. The Kirby series has also been adapted as has Animal Crossing. Then there’s this other animated show you may or may not have heard of called Pokémon…

We shall certainly be keeping an ear to the ground on this one. What Nintendo game or series would you like to see on the big screen, whether live action or animated?

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