Nintendo Direct scheduled for 12 November

NintendoNintendo have announced that the next Nintendo Direct will be taking place tomorrow  at 10PM (UK and Ireland) / (2PM PT). This will be the first Nintendo Direct since the sad passing of Satoru Iwata earlier this year and as such we can expect a lot of news to catch up on.

The Direct will be dealing with Wii U and 3DS with Nintendo confirming that they will not be discussing the NX or mobile at this time. As has been the case in previous years you can expect a run down of all the big releases still to come in 2015 and some news on early 2016. Hopefully we’ll also see them shed some light on the new system they’re planning to roll out in place of the recently retired Club Nintendo.

The biggest games due for release  in the next couple of months include;

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival – Wii U
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – Wii U
Xenoblade Chronicles X – Wii U
Sonic Boom Fire & Ice – 3DS
Hyrule Warriors Legends – 3DS
Star Fox – Wii U

It seems quite likely that we will also see some more amiibo announcements and maybe some additional content for recent titles like Splatoon and Mario Maker.

If you want to catch the stream tomorrow you can do so at They’re always fun and informative so Nintendo fans would be sure to enjoy.

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