Nintendo could be planning to rival the “loot crate”

NintendoFor those of you who haven’t heard of a “loot crate” before, they’re basically a subscription based monthly package sent to you via post containing all manners of wonderful things that, as gamers, we love. The company responsible, “Loot Crate”, curate items from leading brands such as “Pops” and “Hex Bugs”, package them up, and send them on to their subscribers. It’s different every month and is themed to a particular erm… Theme. Nobody knows what they’re going to get until the package arrives and every month, one lucky subscribers can receive a “Mega Crate” worth around $2,000. A little better than receiving the latest information from Hollyoaks every month, right?

Well rumors have now emerged that Nintendo will be bringing their own loot crate service to the United Kingdom after reports came in that the Nintendo Official UK Store plan to launch the “N-Box” in a bid to replicate the success of the LA based subscription service. Reports state that the N-Box will feature toys, clothing and apparel, collectibles and other merchandise taking inspiration from the Nintendo Universe. According to the reports, the N-Box will be available individually or as a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription Nintendoplans.

Obviously the N-Box is aimed for a slightly more niche market than that of the Loot Crate given that from the information we’ve received so far, it seems that all packages will be themed on the world of Nintendo. Even so we can imagine that there are people out there who would want to subscribe. That said, we’d like to hear from any of our fans who have, or are subscribed to a Loot Crate service. What has your experience been of the service so far? Do you feel like your money is well spent? Be sure to head back over to the Facebook page to let us know what you think.


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