Nintendo’s chance of revival

nintendoWhile the war is raging between Microsoft and Sony, in the corner sits Nintendo. They’ve already declared that they’re not interested in competing with either Microsoft or Sony as, let’s face it, it’s a war they’ll never win. Nintendo are gearing up to reveal and release the successor to the Wii U and this is my opinion on why I’m excited and anxious to have Nintendo back.

I grew up playing Nintendo games. I started with the Super Nintendo and I’ve many fond memories of playing co-op games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario with my mum. I’ve also great memories of playing splitscreen Goldeneye with my buddies on the Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart: Double dash on the GameCube with the wife. I’ve owned pretty much every console Nintendo have released and while I absolutely love my Wii U, watching the Wii U fail was painful. I honestly thought its failure spelled the end for Nintendo as they seemed to be walking the same path as Sega did with the Dreamcast which put Sega out of the console making business.

So let’s be honest, the Wii U was a failure, no denying that yet the console holds some of the best exclusive games Nintendo and their studios have ever created. From Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Mario Maker, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, The Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, the list goes on. It’s a solid console with some excellent features and fantastic games but ultimately it was let down for complete lack of third party support and marketing strategies.

Mario Kart 8

The Nintendo NX is the next console from the Japanese giants and this is company’s chance to put the wrong things right where the Wii U failed. Leaks about the console’s features have slowly been surfacing but nothing concrete from Nintendo as of yet. Rumours have also been circulating that the NX will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show later this month but Nintendo haven’t really attended TGS so I wouldn’t put much stock into those rumours. Nintendo have to reveal the NX sooner or later as it’s out early next year.

Let’s talk NX games and possibilities. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks absolutely incredible. Slated to launch alongside the NX (also coming to Wii U) and the next Zelda could quite possibly be the best Zelda ever. The world looks breathtaking, the complete freedom never really seen before in a Legend of Zelda, graphics, activities, I could gush forever about how good it looks.

zelda breath of wind nintendo

I truly hope that Nintendo finally release a new console version of F-Zero as the last console F-Zero released for GameCube back in 2003!! I’d love to also see Nintendo release a proper, new Metroid as again, the last true Metroid was Metroid Prime 3: Corruption released on the Wii back in 2007. I’d love to see a proper Pokémon game released too. Maybe an advanced version of Pokémon Sun and Moon or something new entirely but a new Pokémon game on the NX would certainly boost sales, especially after the success of Pokémon Go. I’d also say that the Japanese giant will port some of the more successful Wii U exclusives over. I’d say Mario Maker and Splatoon could/should make an appearance but that’s just pure speculation. I’d just assume some of the most popular Wii U games appearing on the NX would do the NX a world of good.

I’ll end this opinion piece by saying that Nintendo has a great opportunity. If they advertise the NX properly, get proper third party support, they could make the NX a huge success. However, the NX could fail just like the Wii U and if that happens, I’ll say that this will be the last console they ever make and that will truly be a sad day for gaming and for me, that will be the day gaming dies.

nintendo nx

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