Next Titanfall 2 update detailed

titanfall 2With us well into the new year now, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn have dropped some information regarding the game’s next free update. Expect new modes, new maps and more, on top of an exciting year ahead for 2016’s underdog shooter.

A new 6v6 versus mode will be coming along, called Live Fire.  “Live Fire is a lightning fast 6v6 Pilot only mode that brings competitive, close quarter combat to the forefront. A round-based best of 5 mode with no respawns, you will have one minute to eliminate the opposing team in order to win the round. You can also win the round if your team is holding the neutral flag when the round timer ends.  It’s fast, frantic, and sure to help hone those teamwork and mobility skills.”

Respawn have also created two new maps made specifically for Live Fire, called ‘Stacks’ and ‘Meadow’. Playable only in the Live Fire playlist, these two maps are tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode.

Feature-wise, another Coliseum map called Columns is on the way, as well as another Pilot execution move which Respawn aren’t sharing the details of yet. More animation options are coming for the opening cinematics prior to a fight, with the commanders doing or saying different things. That helps freshen things up a little bit, eh?

A new UI is also promised, which may land on PC ahead of consoles just to test it out a bit before full roll out. This will allow you to create your own Mixtape playlists and play the game types that you want. More details will come soon before the update. We will also get a glimpse at the near future roadmap for Titanfall 2, with talk of maps, both new and remastered, as well as new features. Hopefully a return of Frontier Defense too, the game’s enjoyable Horde-style mode from the first game!

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