Next Call of Duty to be set in the far, far future

Call Of DutyAn insider source going by the name of Shinobi602 has said on NeoGaf that the next Call of Duty title by Infinity Ward, due this year will set in the “Very far future”, including “Space combat” and “full on sci-fi.”

Of course, anybody could say something and then the internet will believe it, but going by his track record over the last few years, this guy has some solid intel. While the next Call of Duty hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s unknown whether Activision or Infinity Ward would want to continue with the Ghosts sub story, considering it didn’t fare too well critically.

call of duty 2016Activision generally reveal the next Call of Duty title at E3 every year, or slightly before that to build up hype. The difference this year is that the game will get most of its exposure on the PlayStation media briefing this time around, after Xbox dropped the contract in 2015.

As for the above rumour and its legitimacy, according to, back in 2014, Shinobi602 revealed a few leaks which ended up being true. The OnlySP article included other rumours which were yet to be confirmed, which as of 2016, we can say are true. They include Guerrilla Game’s Next Game to Include Dino Bots, More, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Battlefield: Hardline to name a few.

Another rumour states that buying 2016’s Call of Duty on Xbox One will also grant you access to Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Fans are crying out for a remaster or modern release, but if this rumour is true, you can forget about remasters.

If Call of Duty is to be set in the far future, what would you like to see from it?

[Source: Neogaf, OnlySP]

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