Phil Spencer on next batch of Backwards Compatible titles

backwards compatibility backwards compatiblePhil Spencer responded to a few fan questions last week about backwards compatibility for Xbox One, and when we can receive another batch of Xbox 360 titles. While no date has been specified as of yet, he said that backwards compatible title updates will be announced monthly.

We already know for a fact a few of the games that will be coming next, and we know that every monthly Games with Gold title as of November will be backwards compatible on the Xbox One as well. With the feature launching back on November 12th, I’d hazard a guess of a similar update period for December. It would be a good time, just before the holidays, and it will give Xbox fans something else to look forward to alongside Games with Gold and Deals with Gold monthly/weekly updates.

Phil Spencer also answered another fan’s question about a backwards compatible boxing game by saying: “Don’t know of a boxing game either.” This would most likely be EA’s Fight Night series in question, although EA’s only current gen brawler on the market is their UFC title. I wouldn’t mind another chance to play Fight Night Champion again to be honest. The story mode was out of this world!

[Source: Twitter]

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