New XCOM 2 trailer and release date

xcom 22K Games has a new XCOM 2 trailer to show you, and it looks more intense than the reboot which came out in 2012. With a newly announced release date of February 5th, XCOM 2 will be storming onto PC with an action-packed campaign which sees you fighting back against the aliens who have taken over the world.

The game is set after the original game, with the canon story implying that the aliens won the first game (you should still play it if you haven’t!). Using a commandeered alien space craft as your new base of operations, build, recruit, research and plan your attacks from space, before assaulting a number of locations on Earth. The aliens are more powerful and varied than ever before, and seeing anything more threatening than a Chryssalid is enough to send me and my squad running in the other direction!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown included a few of those annoying mission types such as ‘disable the bomb’, and if you failed, your whole squad could be wiped out. With XCOM 2, Firaxis want to keep that same type of urgency present, although not always with impending doom. Loot drops are also available to grab within a time limit, which can go a long way in helping you turn the tide of the war.

While XCOM 2 is being developed for PC only, there’s no reason why a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version won’t see the light of day in the future. Seeing XCOM on last gen consoles was great, as they were unique titles, and although didn’t look as stellar as the pc version, it still provided a fun, challenging experience. Let’s hope for more in the new year, eh?

Eurogamer and Garth DeAngelis of Firaxis sit down and play through one of the game’s missions, which lasts a whopping 60 minutes. If you want to see the game in action, this is your best opportunity in the meantime to do so.

[Source: Youtube]

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