New Xbox One hardware reported for 2016, 2017

xbox one slimA new report via Kotaku claims that Microsoft will reveal a new Xbox One Slim at E3 or before the end of 2016, while in 2017, a more powerful Xbox One will be released on the market. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Looking at what Sony is supposedly doing as well, with reports of the PlayStation Neo; a more powerful PlayStation 4 which can supposedly run 4k resolution (would need to be an expensive console). This hasn’t been confirmed either but it’s expected that an official announcement will come on stage at their E3 press briefing in June.

The idea of a slim Xbox One is certainly realistic, perhaps leaving out a CD drive in place of a bigger hard drive and a focus on digital purchases for a lower price point. As someone who primarily downloads their games, this would indeed interest me.

The Xbox One Slim will reportedly include a 2TB internal hard drive, be 40% smaller than the existing model, and support 4k video streaming. Not 4k gaming, just video playback.

Xbox One Elite Controller

According to Kotaku’s report, “The 2017 Xbox, which is codenamed Scorpio, will have a more powerful GPU, according to three people familiar with this model, speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to speak about Microsoft’s plans. We hear that it will also be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift and that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus.”

Another rumour circulating is that Microsoft will reveal a streaming device similar to the PlayStation TV device which didn’t do too well outside of Japan. “Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans [told The Verge] that the company has long been experimenting with a Chromecast-like device that would allow you to stream Xbox One games from a main console in a living room to a second TV elsewhere in a house”

A video podcast by Brad Sams on Youtube made claims about the streaming device, and it’s not his first time to drop scoops, as it was he himself who revealed the Xbox One Elite controller before its official announcement. At the 6:50 mark in his online podcast, he mentions that more ‘hardwares’, with an emphasis on the plural, will be revealed at E3. One is the ‘Xbox One Mini’, followed by two streaming devices.

So what’s going to happen at E3? Will be see an Xbox One Mini? Will there be talk of a more powerful Xbox One with Oculus support in 2017? They’ll certainly need to up the competition to compete with Sony’s PlayStation VR which releases this year. Sure, there’s the Hololens augmented reality headset but VR is the big thing right now, even if Microsoft are dipping their toes in AR.

Time will tell, but it’s certainly exciting!

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