New Xbox One Experience is rolling out, bugs et al

new xbox one experienceThe new Xbox One Experience is nearly here. Yesterday Microsoft started sending out messages to Xbox One preview members detailing plans for the upcoming UI update. As previously reported the update will be rolled out in waves , starting first with the most active users who have taken part in providing feedback during previous surveys and “quests” .

We also saw some new information including some known bugs that may affect the early versions of new UI such as some games failing to load. Destiny: The Taken King and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection have been named, and Forza Motorsport 6 and Assassins Creed Unity may be prone to graphical anomalies according to Microsoft. If anything this highlights that it is very important to recognise that this is a testing period and that anything could happen, so if you are expecting a silky smooth experience straight off the bat then maybe opting in isn’t for you.

Knowing these issues before hand certainly is welcome as it allows people to make an informed choice. Another point to  consider is that updating will essentially reset your console to factory settings so be sure you’ve thought about whether or not you wish to take part. Preview members can opt in by going to the preview dashboard app and going to the “console registration” and changing their registration to the new experience (if you do not wish to take part you do not need to do anything).

New builds of the New Xbox One Experience will roll out over the coming weeks with bug fixes and improvements made. The new UI has many new features and an entirely new look to it. Loading times are said to be significantly improved and the experience overall should be quicker and easier for users. Personally I can’t wait to take part and provide feedback as the xbox one moves into its next phase and being involved in helping shape the new UI for fellow gamers.

Words by Rob Pearce

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