New Xbox One Experience and Back Compat dated

new xbox one experienceLast night, during the official Halo 5 Guardians live stream, Phil Spencer announced to viewers that the upcoming New Xbox One Experience would arrive on November 12th. This will completely overhaul the Xbox Dashboard/Home, and bring with it the backwards compatibility feature.

The NXOE will bring a smoother, faster experience, and in the new year, bring Cortana’s voice recognition feature. What fans are most excited about however, is the backwards compatibility, which will allow players the opportunity to play Xbox 360 titles on their Xbox One. The full list hasn’t been confirmed, but Microsoft promise to focus solely on first-party titles first, as well as the recently announced Burnout Paradise accessibility.

Some games that are definitely being made available include the full selection of Gears of War titles, which are free to those who purchase Gears of War Ultimate Edition before the middle of December. Just Cause 3 will also come with a copy of Just Cause 2, and Fallout 4 comes with a copy of Fallout 3.

gears backwardsYou can read up on what is included with the New Xbox One Experience here, which offers faster performance, improved game experience, vertical scrolling allows faster access to activities and content, expanded social content and engagement, and more intelligent voice experience with Cortana.

backwards compatibility titles

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