New Xbox One backwards compatible titles, June 16th

xbox backwards compatible decemberMajor Nelson has revealed that two new titles have joined the ever growing list of backwards compatible titles on Xbox One. Both exceptional games, you probably have one or both already in your collection. Now you can play them with your new friends!

The backwards compatible games in question are Left 4 Dead and Portal 2. Amazing stuff. Left 4 Dead is renowned for its amazing use of co-op gameplay as a team of four survivors try to get from A to B over multiple stages during a zombie outbreak. Using just guns, explosives, medipacks and team work, fight your way to the final stage to escape the level. Then watch the credits roll like in the movies, but with more interesting information than the team who created the game!

xbox backwards compatible

Portal 2 is a genius in itself. Continue the story of Shell who finds herself waking up yet again in an Aperture Science research facility, and get introduced to Wheatley, who tries to help you escape. The game improves on the first title by upping the humour, and adding additional characters for you to love and hate, although it’s hard to hate any of them really.

Portal 2 is a fantastic title that deserves to be experience. Both of these titles do, to be honest. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see a Portal 3, or Left 4 Dead 3, as Valve seem to be unable to count past the number 2.

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