New World of Warcraft expansion has been revealed: ‘Legion’

World of WarcraftJust 8 months after the launch of the last expansion, Blizzard have announced and now revealed what will be the 6th expansion pack for their MMORPG, World of Warcraft. They’re calling it Legion, and they have good reason for naming it that, fans of the game will be well aware of what we mean by ‘The Burning Legion’, and they’re back. The conference consisted of two trailers for the expansion, the first of which was the typical reveal trailer that doesn’t really tell us much, the second was all in all a much more in-depth affair, with details some of the features World of Warcraft: Legion will bring to the game.So let’s start with the cinematic teaser. Blizzard have always put a lot of effort into the cinematic of their games. Diablo 3 for example hosts some of my most favorite cut scenes in the world of video games. So you know this one is going to be good. Could Illidan be making a return?

As previously stated, this doesn’t really tell us much, this one does:

So let’s just break that down a little bit for the sake of speculation. The World of Warcraft expansion offers a raised level cap of 110, no real surprises there, a new Hero – Class named ‘Demon – Hunter’ in going with the general theme of the expansion, new ‘Artifact – Weapons’, a new questing area and new raids and dungeons to go with it, a new honor system and finally the all new ‘Class Order Halls’.

As is the usual case in the World of Warcraft, life as you know it stands on the brink of destruction, but WoW has aged somewhat now to a point where not even that is enough to keep players paying the monthly fees. Just recently, Blizzard reported that in the 8 months since the last expansion ‘Warlords of Draenor’ they’ve lost nearly half of their subscriptions. Let’s just hope Legion is enough to bring at least some of them back to the game.

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