[Updated with trailer in English] New Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay trailer appears online

Tom Clancy's The DivisionIt’s been two long years (and a little bit more) since we first saw Tom Clancy’s The Division revealed. Since then, the game has been up and down in terms of the levels of anticipation, which usually peaked when new sneak peak trailers came about. Of course, that’s more of a general rule with any game set for future release. Regardless, here we are just eight weeks from the game’s official launch date, and by the look of the latest trailer Ubisoft are ready for the big day.

[UPDATE: New English trailer posted at bottom of article]

Before we continue, it’s worth noting that the new trailer was leaked by those good ol’ Europeans, famous but being anything but patient, and tight-lipped. Given that it was in Italian, we assume it was an Italian source that leaked it, however don’t let the language fool you, there’s plenty for everyone to see in the trailer. Tom Clancy's: The Division

You may have noticed at this point that we’re speaking in a particular tense, that’s because unfortunately the trailer has now been taken from the Internet before eagle-eyed viewers ripped it from its unsuspecting source, and of course 4-One Gaming is far too responsible to have gone searching for another link for which their community could view it from. Just whatever you do, do not click here. 

The three-minute trailer, which cannot be accessed through clicking this link, gives those anticipating the game their best look ever at some of the features that will be made available in-game, including key locations of a post apocalyptic New York City, guns, enemies, safe zones and of course a host of gadgets any fan of Tom Clancy games will be expecting.

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionTom Clancy’s The Division is set for release on March 8th of this year though a public open beta is expected to go live before then. It’s likely that Ubisoft themselves will be launching the trailer officially in the very near future, until then it’s probably available elsewhere online.

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