New titles join the growing Xbox backwards compatibility list

backwards compatibility januaryThe team at Xbox have updated the backwards compatibility list on Xbox One with five new titles this week, although they are most likely ones that you would have least expected, or games you were excited to see on the list.

The five games include SEGA titles such as Altered Beast and Comix Zone, and then there’s Double Dragon NEON, as well as Ron Gilbert adventure The Cave which isn’t a bad choice. Lastly there’s 2011’s Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. It’s a shame it wasn’t the other Ghostbusters title.

However, fans are still chanting for Skate 3 to be added to backwards compatibility, which was teased prior to the holidays and fans are still waiting. We’ve already gotten a good few titles in the past few weeks including fan favourite Halo Wars. Red Dead Redemption was teased but then taken down, and no word on its return has been mentioned. What else is missing from the list now?


Two further titles have been added since the above games were announced, and they include Frogger and Galaga Legions DX, two retro titles updated for the modern age. It’s not Red Dead or Skate 3 however, so you’ll have to continue waiting for those to eventually show up!

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