Teaser for Batman v Superman before new trailer

batman v supermanA new, short tv spot was revealed for Batman v Superman, which lasts no more than 49 seconds. It’s a teaser for a new trailer coming on Wednesday, that will debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While many are lead to believe that it is in fact a dream sequence, it doesn’t stop this teaser from being intense!

In the short clip, Batman – played by Ben Affleck if you haven’t been around in a year –  is captured and tied up. Superman flies down from the sky and paces towards Batman, with a face like a wet Christmas. Then, in an angered assault, he rips the mask off of Batman, revealing his true identity as Bruce Wayne. SPOILERS!

We shall certainly look forward to this new trailer, but for the moment, let’s all laugh at the top Youtube comment for this trailer; “Imagine Batman doing the reverse and putting glasses on Clark’s face and combing his hair the other way.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit cinemas in March of 2016.

[Source: Youtube]

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