New Star Wars Battlefront trailer highlights its biggest problem

star wars battlefrontEA and DICE yesterday released a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. It’s only a short one, lasting no more than 30 seconds, and for a reason. It’s a trailer that showcases the games maps. Or lack of.

Whether it’s Hoth, Endor, Sullust, Tatooine or the bonus Jakku map coming¬†December 8th (1st for pre-orders), Battlefront doesn’t have many places to explore. Each map will indeed have more than one variation or area to fight over, depending on the game mode being played. There are many other locations from the Star Wars universe that could have been used, but we’ll most likely see them in future DLC.

Star Wars Battlefront has a lot going for it, with the golden ticket being Star Wars itself. The authenticity of the sound and visuals, the vehicles, weapons and characters, and a wealth of game modes to experience. I imagine it will sell fantastically, but I also worry about its longevity and its replayability. Titanfall suffered as an online-only game, and although Respawn added loads of new content and features along the way, it was the initial release that was lacking, and that saw the first wave of players drop out. Could history repeat itself so soon?

Star Wars Battlefront releases on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Youtube]

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