New Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

star wars battlefrontYoutuberJake McNeill has uploaded a new video, showcasing 10 minutes of the Walker Assault multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront, which we’ve seen extensively since the game’s announcement. There is commentary over the action, but it’s not off-putting.

The footage is shot solely from the third person perspective, with Jake not going into first person at all. See him jetpacking around the map as the Rebels, and picking off Stormtroopers from the top of mountains. The playing space looks massive, with TIE Fighters and X-Wings zipping past throughout. It certainly looks interesting, but will it be a massive success for EA and DICE on the gaming front, or will it just help sell a few million copies to Star Wars fans?

While we still haven’t heard all the details about Star Wars Battlefront, we know that it will have Team Deathmatch, co-op missions, massive team based battles and a dog fighting mode for the air craft. We look forward to learning more before release, and before the beta hits in October.

Star Wars Battlefront will include 12 maps at launch, based on a handful of planets from the Star Wars universe. Universe, as in Star Wars story, not universe universe, although technically that’s true as well!

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