New Rocket League arena and Holiday items

starbase arc rocket leagueThe perfect Christmas party title, Rocket League is getting more content this week, along with a bunch of Holiday 2016 cosmetic items to get you excited for the seasonal festivities. Let’s take a look at what Psyonix have up their sleeves this week.

“Inspired by one of our previous games, ARC Squadron, ‘Starbase ARC,’ is an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that orbits a huge (but familiar) desert planet where epic space battles are waged in the background and hulking celestial bodies drift about in the vastness of outerspace. ”

With Starbase ARC comes a new premium vehicle called the ‘Vulcan’, which you will be able to grab from Rocket League’s Showcase menu on the title screen. Look at it go! It comes complete with animated wings and a sleek, futuristic look for the usual price of $1.99, as is tradition with Rocket League.

As well as a wealth of new updates such as customizable training sessions, voting for arena preferences and more, Psyonix are also updating the X-Devil and Gizmo vehicles with streamlined new bodies and an artistic recharge to their original Decals. But don’t worry about how they’ll work in-game, as we’re keeping the exact-same handling and hit-boxes that they had before.

In addition to the two new car updates,’ two classic arenas will also receive new variant versions, with “Wasteland (Night)” and “Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)” dropping into Exhibition and Private matches, plus all Ranked Playlists.

rocket league holiday 2016

Happy Holidays!

Psyonix are continuing to bring joy into our lives, especially with the holidays just days away. Not only will there be new items to acquire such as the Elf Hat Topper, Nutcracker Antenna, and 2017 New Year’s Glasses Topper, too!

“Along with this trio of new items, we’re bringing back all of the 2015 Holiday items as well, including the Xmas Rocket Trail, Blitzen Topper, Christmas Tree Topper, Sad Sapling Topper, Santa Topper, Candy Cane Antenna, and Holiday Gift Antenna.

All of these FREE items will be random post-match drops in all online Playlists, and will be available as soon as our December update goes live. Like our Halloween items earlier this year, all of our 2015 Holiday items will not be available again after this year, so try to collect them all!”

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