New Rocket League arena coming in October

rocket league aquadomePsyonix are knocking it out of the park again with their continued support for Rocket League. Except you can’t knock it out of the park in the game because matches take place within enclosed domes, but anyway, moving on. Speaking of domes, a new arena is coming to Rocket League in October, and it’s looks rather Bioshock-y!

Set under the sea in a encapsulated space, Rocket League fans can continue to enjoy their Soccar action in the AquaDome. Featuring some sea life in the surroundings and some lovely visuals, you may have a split second or two to take your eye off the ball and take in the scenery.

More notably is that the arena is of the traditional kind, following the last addition of the Neo Tokyo map which divided fans, due to it having raised platforms on both sides of the arena, making movement and scoring a bit too much of a challenge. AquaDome is a fresh take on the familiar then.

In addition to the new Arena, Psyonix will also be launching two new Battle-Cars in the AquaDome update. Triton (a slick, futuristic ocean sub) and Proteus (a more science-minded research vessel) are both made to cruise below the waves and sail over the pitch. Both cars will be individually priced at USD $1.99 (or regional equivalent) per car.

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