New open world title ‘Everywhere’ from ex GTA boss

everywhereOne of the founding fathers of Rockstar Games, Leslie Benzies has formed a new unnamed studio, which has offices already established in Scotland and California. They are working on a new title called ‘Everywhere’, which as the name suggests, will let you go anywhere. But anywhere, where?

“Everywhere has a lot of traditional game mechanics, but we’re going for something more that draws inspiration from, well, everywhere,” Benzies told VentureBeat. “Players are getting smarter and require more from their games, and we want players to have the real freedom to live in our worlds in the ways they want to. We’re aiming to offer a huge variety of game modes and styles that not only tell our stories but also enable players to live in the identities and adventures they most want to explore.”

Helping him create such an ambitious title, which sounds like a broader vision of Grand Theft Auto itself are former Grand Theft Auto developers Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith.

Smith added: “The game is about giving the player an enormous amount of freedom, with enough possibilities and just enough constraints to keep you constantly entertained and at the same time feel like you’re actively shaping the world around you, and living in a genuinely alternate reality.”

Sounds extremely ambitious, right? The game is being developed on Amazon’s Lumberyard engine, and it sounds like it will be costly to make, if it is to let you do ‘anything’. All this comes after a rough year for Leslie Benzies who sued Rockstar after GTA V released in 2013, claiming the company owe him over $150 million. He took an extended sabatical, and upon return, was ushered out of the building.

Meanwhile, GTA V continues to sell like hot cakes, recently topping the UK games chart for two straight weeks.

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