New Mortal Kombat kharacter reveal koming today?

mortal kombat xFans of Mortal Kombat X may be in for a nice surprise today, as Ed Boon, the series’ kreator teased on Twitter about something ‘tomorrow’.

Along with the tweet (see below), there was an image of four silhouettes, although some hardcore Mortal Kombat fans might recongise some of the shadows. The announcement will be made at some point today hopefully, all going well.

It’s good to see that Mortal Kombat X is still getting some good support, having released in April to some fantastic reviews, great gameplay, but with minor squabbles such as microtransaction easy fatalities and shortcut unlockables.

So far, new kharacters released as DLK include Tanya, Jason, Tremor and Predator, but will the new kharacters today include those in the story that are unplayable? It would be nice, although having to pay for them might not be so well received. Time will tell. We’ll keep you updated.

mortal kombat x dlcIt was also konfirmed last week that Mortal Kombat X was kanceled on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which were initially delayed until Fall this year. You can read the full story on that here.

Who do you think the new kombatants will be?

[Source: Twitter]

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