New Minecraft Story Mode trailer

minecraft story modeAs Minecraft’s popularity continues to build by the day, it won’t be long before it’s the biggest game of all time. There’s a pun in there somewhere, but we can’t quite find it. A new trailer for the off-shoot ‘Story Mode’ game by Telltale Games has been released, giving us more insight into what it’s all about.

The story tells of a group of four individuals, as they searched for the legendary Order of the Stone. They traveled to hunt down the Endor Dragon and were successful in their adventure. Fast forward to today, and things start to get a little hairy…or blocky.

Four unlikely heroes get drawn into the mix, one being played by you, Jesse, who can either be male or female, and you must stop the evil force that has been awoken. It’s rated E10 for everyone aged 10 and over, and is a Minecraft game, so expect some fun adventures and humour, and 5 episodes in total.

Minecraft: Story Mode will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms on October 13th digitally, with a mobile version on the 15th. The physical copies will hit retail on October 27th in North America and in Europe on October 30 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

[Source: Youtube]

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