New Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, release date

mass effect andromedaYesterday during this year’s CES, Bioware and Nvidia revealed a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, alongside an official release date for one of this year’s biggest and most hotly anticipated titles. Start booking your time off work, or preparing to be sick for a few days, guys.

Mass Effect Andromeda now has an official launch date of March 21st, 2017, which will allow players the opportunity to seek out a new home world in the Andromeda galaxy. It won’t be easy, there will be many threats to deal with, and hopefully some friendly encounters too.

The new gameplay trailer shows off some gorgeous visuals of the Tempest touching down on an alien planet. The Tempest is your Normandy in this adventure, which houses your living quarters, weapon storage, research lab and tech centre. Here you will plan missions, journeys and discuss topical stuff with your friends, similar to what we’ve seen in the original Mass Effect trilogy.

The leveling system looks similar to Mass Effect 3’s streamlined system, allowing you to upgrade your combat, tech and biotic skills and abilities. You also have to manage your health and shield, so expect suit upgrades to bolster these stats. When you reach level 4 and higher with skill advancements, you will have to choose one of two further upgrades, which you can see at the 1:06 mark in the trailer.

It’s all looking very exciting, and as a hardcore Mass Effect fan, I’m both worried and hopeful that this will bring me back to the universe I fell in love with in Mass Effect. Please Bioware, make it so!

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