New Halo 5 Weapon Pad glitch won’t be getting patched

Halo 5 Guardians ghosts of meridianA new glitch has appeared in Halo 5 Guardians following the Warzone Firefight update which adds a new unplanned dynamic to multipler REQ loadouts.

The latest Firefight updated added a bunch of stuff to Forge, and this includes the ability to spawn the Warzone Req-Variants of normal weapons via Weapon Pads.

This is achievable by spawning, say, a Spartan Laser weapon pad, then changing the actual weapon to something else. It’s explained/demonstrated in the video, which you can see below.

As described by a Halo fan on Reddit to someone like myself who doesn’t know what it’s all about, “In Forge you can spawn weapon pads and make it so it has a REQ weapon, then you change it to the base non-REQ weapon of your choice in the item properties menu and it will combine the first weapon’s projectiles and firing rate with the second weapon’s model.This doesn’t work for every single weapon pairing but there’s crazy ass new weapons you can make now. And the best part is the glitched weapons will save into custom games.”

Tom French of 343 Industries has stated via Twitter that the glitch may in fact remain, and who knows, maybe it will developed upon for future updates?

halo 5 guardians req glitch

For additional fun, you could tie-in the vehicle welding ‘glitch’ from pretty much the initial Forge update. Example:

[Source: Reddit, details provided by Tucker Martin]

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