New Gran Turismo Sport trailer from PlayStation Experience

gran turismo sportPolyphony and Sony want you to treat your senses, according to the latest trailer for Gran Turismo Sport during the PlayStation Experience event over the weekend. The trailer highlights the game’s beauty, its attention to detail, and above all, immense speed.

While GT Sport is focusing on bringing the hardcore fan base together for competitive action, it looks like there should be enough content for all players to enjoy. Especially if you look at cars as the greatest thing in the world. It’s pure car porn, but we won’t put that in print until we know how many cars will be featured in the final release, whenever that may be.

We do know that Gran Turismo Sport will take advantage of the PlayStation VR headset, but be cautious, as the trailer states that it is only available on select tracks with a select number of cars. Hopefully we will get more information on that ahead of release, again, whenever that may be. Nothing has been confirmed other than a delay into 2017.

What do you make of the trailer? Are you excited for the next title in the Gran Turismo franchise?

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