New Ghostbusters movie reveals first teaser

ghostbusters 2016The upcoming, all female cast Ghostbusters movie is well into development, and it’s about time we saw some footage from it, isn’t it? We’ve seen some screenshots, we have seen the cast, now give us a trailer. Well, a teaser will have to do!The revival of the Ghostbusters stars¬†Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, although none of them are anywhere to be seen in this short teaser. In fact, you don’t see too much really, bar some police offers and military soldiers. No ghosts, in a movie about ghosts. The trailer tells us of a proper trailer coming on March 3rd, so watch out for that then.

Last week, we saw a glimpse of the Ecto-2 motorcycles that will be featured in the flick, taken from on set. That image can be seen under the trailer.

The trailer asks ‘Who you gonna call?’, but we’ll have to wait until this July before we get an answer.

ghostbusters ecto 2[Source: Youtube]

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