A New Finding Dory Trailer Released!

Finding DoryPixar have long been praised for their originality since the studio’s inception, as was evident last weekend when Inside Out was nominated for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, as well as winning the Oscar for Best Animated feature.

None of Pixar’s films have ever been an adaptation of other material, and the studio will only accept story pitches from their employees. So if you’ve got a spec script that you were secretly hoping you could get Pixar to make – forget it.

What’s interesting about this is that Pixar’s next five years are largely focused on sequels; Another Cars film, another Toy Story film, and even a sequel to The Incredibles.

Pixar’s next film in the pipeline is the sequel to Finding Nemo, titled Finding Dory.

All the key players are returning for Finding Dory, including Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, and writer/director Andrew Stanton. The sequel takes place six months after the events in Finding Nemo

Ellen DeGeneres’ youtube channel has debuted a new trailer for Finding Dory.

Finding Dory is due to be released on June 17th.

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