New Fallout 4 footage emerges from the Vault

Bethesda falloutBethesda has released some previously unseen footage of Fallout 4 from their Xbox E3 briefing, and you can check it out below. In the video, you can see more of the exploration of Boston, as well as seeing some of the characters you will meet, and the power armour in action.

“Shown at the Xbox E3 Briefing, see early exploration outside of Vault 111 – including introductions to characters like Codsworth, Preston Garvey, and Dogmeat. Additionally, see V.A.T.S. gameplay in action, how Power Armor changes your experience, and much more,” says the description on the Youtube video uploaded yesterday by the Bethesda Softworks UK channel.

We could talk about it, but we know you’d rather watch it yourself. The opening is exactly the same as you witnessed at E3, so skip forward by a minute or two to see some new footage, and enjoy another five minutes of Fallout 4!

You may also recall the wonderful weapons montage shown during Bethesda’s conference on the Sunday night of E3, which showed a tonne of action, and a lot of killing. Yes, the video with the explosive teddy bear launcher. Well, here it is in full as well.

[Source: Bethesda Youtube]

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