New Fallout 4 content detailed

fallout 4 season passesBethesda revealed the new Fallout 4 expansions that were discussed earlier in the year, which caused the price of the game’s season pass to bump up in price. These new expansion packs will release over the next few months, and we have a few details as to what they include.

The fourth add on pack, coming next following Far Harbor will be ‘Contraptions Workshop’. Contraptions Workshop will be available to download as of June 14th, tomorrow, followed by Vault-Tec Workshop in July and the final add-on, Nuka-World in August.

Contraptions will allow you to build various devices such as lifts and armour, while the Vault Tec Workshop allows you to build vaults, similarly to how you would build settlements. Lastly, Nuka World seems like a tongue in cheek addition, with files previously being found that relates to a sort of theme park addition.

Bethesda also confirmed that Fallout Shelter will be coming to PC along with an update that adds quests and new enemies. Fallout Shelter has proven to be a massive hit for Bethesda since it released this time last year during the Bethesda live show, making a tonne of money for the developer.

Then there was the reveal of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition, which you can read about here.

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