New critters coming to Pokémon GO

Pokemon GOPokémon GO is one of the highlights of 2016, whether you were on board with the craze or not. Despite its prolonged issues with connectivity, third-party support apps and location-based problems, it kept itself in the news for quite some time, but it’s time for more.

The official Pokémon Twitter account has confirmed that new Pokémon creatures will be coming to Pokémon GO soon, with full details being revealed on December 12th. Our guess is that a wealth of second generation Pokémon will be coming on over, but we could be in for a surprise.

There have already been leaks about a big event involving Pokémon GO and Starbucks, with exclusive content due for the coffee shop chain. Images made their way onto Reddit, inciting re-energised excitement in the mobile app.

pokemon go starbucks

It’s about time Pokémon GO received a content update like this, rather than just UI updates and ‘Nearby’ feature changes. Will this get previous players involved again, or have they all moved on to other, indoor-focused games?

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