New Black Ops 3 Nuketown Mannequin easter egg

black ops 3 nuketown mannequinsNuketown will go down in gaming history for various reasons. Firstly, it will be known as the map that appeared in the most Call of Duty titles, obviously the Black Ops games. Secondly, it will be known as the map with the most awesome, and random easter eggs. Here’s yet another one, on top of the one you may already know about.

Nuketown features those mannequins again, and like in Black Ops 2, blowing their heads off in under 2 minutes activated something unique. In Black Ops 3, shooting their heads off turns them into zombies. That’s pretty awesome. Now, another easter egg has been found on Nuketown, and this one is activated by shooting off all their arms in under 2 minutes.

Once all of the mannequins’ arms are removed, the mannequins begin following you around, although you will never see them move. Similar to the ghosts in Super Mario World, they only move when you have your back turned. Stare at them, and they remain still. Turn around again and they get closer! Scary as hell! Give it a go with your friends, and let us know what you think about it! Why not secretly activate the easter egg without telling them about it, and give them a fright?! Good easter egg?

[Source: Youtube]

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