New Black Ops 3 maps revealed

Call of Duty black ops 3During the final Black Ops Friday series before the launch of the game, a few new multiplayer maps were revealed, along with a trailer for the returning Nuketown.

Nuketown is available exclusively in the US through GameStop, but it should be available at a later date for all to download. The joy of exclusivity deals. You can see the trailer for the map below, and then further down, the newly revealed maps.

  • Metro – This map takes place in an abandoned train station with plenty of tight corners and a relative lack of verticality. Much of the map is surrounded by water, and while most older titles would consider this the boundary, Black Ops III allows players to use it as an ambush zone via the new swimming function.
  • Breach – Making up for the first map’s lack of verticality, this location takes players across several rooftops of what looks to be a middle-eastern building complex. Many rooms of each building are accessible as well, but players will want to watch out for death falls as they jump around outside.
  • Exodus – This next map appears to take place down an Asian city block with a network of alleyways and destroyed buildings providing alternate flanking routes. The layout has a heavy influence of the classic Call of Duty “three-lane” map design.
  • Havoc – A military base at the bottom of a rocky hill sprinkled with snow is the stage for the final map played during the event. The main structure acts as a focal point for surrounding combat in the area.
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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be available on November 6th. Not long left now!

[Source: Youtube, EGM Now]

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