New Battlefield 1 beta map to come?

battlefield 1 horsesThe Battlefield 1 beta which kicked off last week has been an interesting one. While hype has been high for the World War 1 shooter, some players have found themselves feeling a little lost by it. “It doesn’t feel like Battlefield,” “the horses are over-powered,” “my gun can damage tanks.” We’ve all found over the Sinai Desert, but could we potentially see a new map in the beta?

The beta is said to run until September 8th, although that could be extended if a new map is added, potentially. Fans have been asking on Twitter about a new map to fight over, to freshen up the beta experience, and it looks like DICE are listening.

While fighting over the same desert and rocky map can become dull after so long, it was a decent map for the beta due to its variety of units on offer, from trains to horses, tanks to jeeps, and airplanes.

You can head on over to their forum and request a map in either of the platforms’ forum links. It’s likely that if a new map is added, it would be the same all round anyway, but if you want a new map, let your voice be heard!

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 so far after experiencing the beta?

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