New backwards compatible titles are Dead underwhelming

xbox backwards compatible decemberAfter last week’s epic list of backwards compatible titles, including the Mass Effect trilogy and Guardian Heroes, this week has so far come up a little short on the excitement levels. Of course, it’s going to be hard to match up to some of last generation’s best RPG titles, but it’s still good news for those who may own this lot.

First up is Dead Space Ignition, which is set before the events of Dead Space 2, but is in fact a puzzle game. Yep, Dead Space is a third-person action game with a horror theme, but why not indulge in some puzzles? Completing the game unlocked bonuses that carried into Dead Space 2, so maybe this is a hint that we’ll see more backwards compatible Dead Space in the future?

Secondly, we have Escape Dead Island, a third person action title set before the events of the first Dead Island game. It didn’t review too well, and only stands out due to its unique graphical style. We’ll include a gameplay clip, and one for Dead Space just so you know what to expect if you fancy picking up either title, now that both are available in the Xbox Games Store.

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