New backwards compatibility titles for Xbox One

backwards compatibility januaryIt’s early in the week, but we already have a further 3 titles joining the backwards compatibility list on Xbox One. Calm down, they might not be what you’re expecting or hoping for, but it bulks up the list somewhat.

Arriving this week are Stuntman: Ignition, Mad Tracks and JUJU. One of these, I know, the other two must have passed me by last generation. Stuntman: Ignition reviewed fairly ok, but the idea behind it was sound. The single player mode is made up of six ‘films’, where you have to complete objectives in each of the scenes to please the director. It also featured a stunt-focused multiplayer online and offline mode. Still, sounds interesting.

Mad Tracks is a very generic racing game sent on stunt tracks with cutesy graphics, while JUJU is a platformer which features big boss battles, couch co-op, special challenge modes in a cute, colourful game world. Pick it up for the kids sure!

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